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Here at Why Not Spanish we are taking a different approach to learning a new language with the goal to provide a better experience for the student.  You will find all kinds of free Spanish learning resources at your disposal in this section.

Most of our worksheets and quizzes have video lessons to go along with them to allow you to check your understanding.  Everything is sorted and divided by Spanish level.  New to learning Spanish or just starting out?  We have you covered with our Basic level.  Have you taken some Spanish classes and can speak a little Spanish?  Then start out with Intermediate.  Are you almost at the fluency level but have just a little way to go? Then the advanced stuff is for you.  If you are not sure what your Spanish level is, start with the Basic level.  Then if that is too easy for you move on to the next level.

If you have a topic that you would like covered feel free to let us know.  As always you can get in touch with us through the contact page or on social media on Facebook and Instagram.

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Listening Activity: (How to Draw a Dog), Spanish.     Hi! This is a listening activity in Spanish about how to draw a dog. It is part of a video about how to improve your listening skills in Spanish. If you liked this activity or have other ideas about how […]

Listening Activity: How to Draw a Dog (Transcript and Quiz)

Frequency adverbs: We use them to express how often an activity occurs. We place Frequency at various points in the sentence. In Spanish, they are called: adverbios de frecuencia or marcadores de frecuencia.   Frequency adverbs in Spanish. Most adverbs of frequency are placed after the verb in Spanish but the adverbs siempre, […]

Frequency in Spanish: Practice Worksheet

Possessives Worksheet There are different kinds of possessives in Spanish. In this worksheet you will get to practice the use of possessive adjectives, which you will also find as posesivos átonos, or posesivos antepuestos, in Spanish. If you haven’t checked out the video that goes along with this worksheet, please […]

Possessives Worksheet. Posesivos atonos.