Sports Vocabulary and Expressions in Spanish

Sports Vocabulary and Expressions in Spanish

In this video, we are taking a look at sports vocabulary in Spanish. Don’t worry if you are not a sports fan we are also going to cover some expressions in Spanish. You will also get to try to guess Cody’s favorite sport as well as tell us about your own with some of the vocabulary that you learn from the video.


Sports Vocabulary


archeryel tiro con arco
auto racingel automovilismo / el rally
badmintonel juego de raqueta y volante / el bádminton
baseballel béisbol / el béisbol
basketballel baloncesto / el basquetbol
bikingel ciclismo
billiardsel billar
bodybuildingla halterofilia
bowlingel deporte de bochas / el juego de bolos
boxingel boxeo
fencingla esgrima
fishingla pesca
footballel futbol americano
frisbeeel disco volante
golfel golf
gymnasticsla gimnasia / la gimnástica
hockeyel jockey
kayakingel piragüismo
kick boxingel boxeo a patadas
lacrosseel lacrosse
marathonel maratón
martial artslos artes marciales
motorcycle racingel motociclismo
mountain climbingel alpinismo
paintballel paintball
ping-pongel tenis de mesa
poloel polo
racquetballel racquetball
rodeoel rodeo
rowingel remo
rugbyel rugby
sailingel deporte de vela
soccerel futbol / el fútbol
softballel sofbol
swimmingla natación
tennisel tenis

Other Sports Vocabulary

athlete (m)el deportista
athlete (f)la deportista
sportel deporte
player (m)el jugador
player (f)la jugadora
teamel equipo
trainingel entrenamiento
gameel partido
competitionla competición
championshipel campeonato
champion (m)el campeón
champion (f)la campeona
recordel récord
to winganar
to loseperder
golf club / hockey stickel palo de golf / el palo de hockey
the hockey puckel discoe
Racketsla raqueta
Skateslos patines
Skateboardla patineta
outsideal aire libre
the fieldel campo
the courtla cancha
Stadiumel estadio
Poolla piscina
on icesobre hielo
to preferpreferir
to wantquerer
to know a factsaber
to know a personconocer
to hearoir (accent over the I)
to closecerrar
to begin/startEmezar / comenzar
to have a snackmerender
more thanmás de
more …thanmás… que
as much astanto como
with meconmigo
with youcontigo


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