Understand Native Spanish Speakers

Aprende a entender cómo hablamos en español

Understand Native Spanish Speakers

Are you able to understand Maria’s Spanish but have trouble understanding other native Spanish speakers?  You are not alone.  We get emails and comments all the time saying this exact thing.  Lots of people have trouble understanding native Spanish speakers from time to time.  Most people understand Maria because she pronounces clearly and speaks naturally at a slower pace.

Think of your own language

This is nothing new though, you have probably met people in your native language that speak fast and link words.  Some of them you might not have been able to understand either and left you wondering if they were really speaking the same language as you.

Spanish is no different.  Some people will be easier to understand than others.  You will encounter people that speak similar to Maria and then you will find people that are at the other end speaking really fast with bad pronunciation.  There is no standard way of speaking and you will run into both kinds of people.  The truth is people get lazy in their communication.  I’m sure you have done it as well in your language.  You string words together or don’t pronounce certain letters of a word.  It feels natural and most people probably understand you.  It was probably not the way you learned to speak in school but it is the way that people speak.  After all, a language is nothing more than a tool to communicate.

How do you understand native Spanish speakers?  In this video, Maria is going to look at 4 different audios.  She will break down the words they use and pronunciation.  These are things you can do in your Spanish practice.  It is also things that we do in our course more information on that below.


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