Uruguayan Spanish: Everyday words and Slang

Diferencias entre español de Uruguay y Colombia

Uruguayan Spanish

In this video, we are going to be taking a look at the difference between Uruguayan Spanish and Colombian Spanish.  We are also going to learn some everyday words and slang from Uruguay.  As you know Maria is from Colombia so to help us with the Uruguayan side we are talking with Cochu.  They are going to talk about the differences in vocabulary and slang used in each of there countries.


What did you think?  Could you tell a difference between his Uruguayan Spanish and Maria’s Colombian Spanish?  Did you find one easier to understand than the other?

Remember at the end of the day they are both speaking Spanish and are able to understand each other.  The same way that if you are a native English speaker in the United States you are able to understand a person from Australia.  Lots of Spanish students get really tripped up on the type of Spanish they want to learn.  Maria always suggests learning the type of Spanish from the country that you are going to be using it in the most.  So if you are planning to live in Colombia then a teacher that is from Colombia would be great for you.  You would hopefully learn some slang and words that are used in Colombia that might not be used in other countries.  However, don’t let that hold you back at the end of the day Spanish is Spanish and you will be able to be understood.

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Unlock your Spanish voice!

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