How To Use Articles In Spanish?


Articles in Spanish


When I was teaching English back home, my Spanish speaking students would say “is that it?!” referring to the articles in English and how easy they are to learn. This is because in Spanish, the articles change four times (I know! It sounds complicated, but it is not that bad!). Words in Spanish can be feminine or masculine and so the articles depend on these words.


How to Use Articles in Spanish:




A lot of people think, when learning Spanish, that you choose the feminine or masculine article depending if you are talking to a man or a woman. Well!, it doesn’t depend on that, but on the noun or word that is next. For example, if the word is masculine, the article and everything related to the word will be masculine, and if it is feminine, the article will be feminine and everything else too.




Obviously, you need to know if a word is masculine or feminine. Click here if you don’t know how to tell yet. Continue with these exercises about articles if you already know!


Pay attention: Imagine there is a group of girls. They are LAS estudiantes (The students). Now only one boy is in the group with the girls. The articles the changes from LAS (Feminine), to LOS (Masculine). LOS estudiantes.



(with feminine nouns)

La profesora, la casa, la comida, la familia, la gata, la mesa, la silla, una ventana, una estufa.

Plural, all feminine nouns:

Las amigas, las profesoras, las comidas, las familias, las gatas, las mesas, las sillas, unas ventanas, unas estufas.

Pural, feminine and masculine nouns together: (this only works with people, animals and occupations)

Los amigos, los profesores, los gatos, unos perros, unos abogados.

(With masculine nouns)

El carro, el teléfono, el silencio, el libro, un zapato.

Plural, all masculine nouns:

unos carros, los carros, unos teléfonos, un teléfono, unos zapatos, los zapatos.

Are you ready for some practice?  Click here to test your understanding with a worksheet gender of nouns and articles.


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