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Tired of not getting results and throwing in the towel over and over again? Ready to no longer be stuck at the same Spanish level? You’re in the right place!

Learn all the Spanish you need for la vida real in a practical, fun, and easy-to-understand way with your teacher: Maria and your classmate: Cody. 

Speak confidently in Spanish like you have always wanted and make connections with native speakers.  Unlock a whole new world with your new Spanish skills.


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Practical Spanish Learning

Real Spanish

Understand your Spanish teacher, but struggle with real-world Spanish? 😱

Gain the confidence to join conversations like a pro through real-life language material.

With our training and engaging activities you’ll be guided to understand and use Spanish effortlessly and naturally.


Stop Doubting!

Get rid of embarrassing mistakes you’ve said for years and make grammar your best friend forever 😍.

From the fundamentals of Spanish to complex grammar topics, all Spanish levels will find something to learn.

Level Up

Stop using the same words and saying ugh and umh.🥱

Level up your Spanish word bank through short, engaging mini-vlogs about real-life situations.

Stop sounding dull and repetitive and spice it up.


¡Hola, estudiantes!

We are Maria and Cody.  A Spanish teacher from Colombia and a Spanish student from the USA.

In 2017 we realized that just like Cody, other students were trying to connect with family members, feel at home in their communities, and discover a whole new world of possibilities through Spanish.

Here you will find a space to learn the Spanish you need for everyday real-life situations.  Through our fun videos and skits we make Spanish learning fun, practical, and approachable.

¡Nos vemos en clase! 👋

If you are going to learn a language...

Why Not Spanish?