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Meet Maria

She is a language teacher from Bogota Colombia.  Maria has been teaching English and Spanish in the classroom for years.  With a Bachelor’s degree in the teaching of Spanish, English, and French from La Salle University and a Master’s degree in audio-visual translation from Cadiz University. She has a different approach to language learning that gets you excited and is really fun to watch.


Meet Cody

He speaks only one language and that is English.  He has tried for several years to learn Spanish but has never been able to really learn the language.  Computer programs, phone apps, taking classes in high school and in college have still left him monolingual.


These two crossed paths while working on cruise ships and the rest is history.


Cody moved to Colombia and lived there for 2 years.  He took Spanish classes at a local university and studied Spanish.  But even being totally immersed in the language he still is not able to speak Spanish.


After 2 years of marriage being lived out in English, Maria has had enough.  She decided to teach Cody Spanish once and for all.

Anyone can learn a language but not everyone learns the same way.  Join Cody in his journey to learn Spanish and finally be able to speak. Here you will get the same material and treatment that Maria is giving Cody to help him learn.  So if Cody is able to learn then you will too.

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