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Why Have I not been in videos?

This is a question that we see a lot in the comments on YouTube.  For a while, I was appearing in most of the videos on the channel.  Then all of a sudden I started to appear less and less and at some point, I disappeared completely.

Why did I stop being in videos?

Well, the short answer is burnout and I started to hate Spanish.  I go more in detail about all this in the video below.

I really wanted to make this video because I think some of these things need to be said.  Some of the videos you see on YouTube about learning Spanish or any language really can often in my opinion paint a fake picture about learning a language.  Most of the videos that I have seen only present the end result and it is just people showing off their language skills.  The polyglots want to show you how many languages they speak.  Others want to tell you about how they learned the language in one month and how you can too.

I have been trying to learn Spanish for a while now.

My Spanish has improved but, it still is not where I want it to be.  When I look around the internet I just see all these people that have amazing Spanish.   It can start to get into your head… Why have I not learned this yet?  Why have I not learned Spanish in 2 months or why do I just still only speak one language?

After some thinking, I don’t think I am the only one that feels this way.  I think or at least I am hoping that there are others out there that are like me.  Maybe they are hard to find because it is scary putting yourself out there.  No one wants to show off an unfinished product.  You only want people to see the final design or version.  The internet can also not be the nicest of places.  One thing that I have noticed about language learning on the internet is that other people that are learning the language or let’s say “non-native speakers” of the language are the most negative and cruel.   They are the first to make you feel bad or start talking a bunch of nonsense.

Think of yourself in your language.

I mean think about it for a minute.  Picture yourself running into a foreigner in your country.  They are trying to ask you something in your language and are struggling.  Maybe they make a few errors or say the wrong thing.  My guess is, you are not going to be mean to them and tell them they need to study more.  You are probably going to do your best to help them with whatever they need.

The point of my little rant is native Speakers don’t care about your mistakes or accents.  They just don’t.  Anyway, that is my experience and maybe I’m wrong.  If you want to hear more about my thoughts and experience learning Spanish make sure to watch the video below.  The video is in English and maybe you can relate to some of it.


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