Alternatives To Swearing in Spanish

alternatives to swearing in Spanish

Swearing in Spanish


Bad words exist and whether you like it or not, they are part of the language. They exist because they express feelings other words just can’t. I personally don’t mind swear words. I use them when the occasion makes it necessary and I feel they express what I feel more accurately than any other non-curse word. However, there are moments when you don’t want to or can’t curse. Because of those moments, we are bringing you a small list of alternatives to swearing in Spanish you can use if you need to.

alternatives to swearing in Spanish

All these alternatives to swearing in Spanish are used in Colombia (where I am from) and maybe even in other Spanish speaking countries, but to tell you the truth I don’t know where so I will leave that for you to research. As you know, every country in the Spanish speaking world has its own set of words for saying one thing and swear words might not be the exception.

These alternative words are euphemisms: words that replace others that are considered too hard, rude, or direct.

alternatives to swearing in Spanish

What do Those Euphemisms Mean?

Miércoles: Wednesday – Juemadre: darn -Bestia: beast – Un despelote: a chaos (coloquial) -Embarrar: to get covered in mud – Hablar paja: To speak “straw” – Ni de vainas: Not a chance.

This is the literal translation to each word and expression and obviously it makes no sense in English but that’s just so you know what you are actually saying.

Watch our video to listen to the pronunciation of each word and to find out how to use them or some examples.



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