Spanish Crossword Puzzle: Crucigrama

Are you ready to try a Spanish crossword puzzle?  Crucigramas, (the word in Spanish) are probably one of the most popular word games in the world and they are great because they help you introduce and reinforce vocabulary! Now that the summer is ending here in the Northern Hemisphere, you can review your vocabulary with this simple game.

spanish crossword puzzle


Do you want to see the text that goes along with this activity? Click here!

If you decide to give it a read, it will make the crossword easier, but if you feel your vocabulary is good enough you can simply go ahead and try to complete the Spanish crossword puzzle without it.

You will find the answers to this crossword at the bottom of the activity. Good luck and let us know how you did!

Click here if the Spanish crossword puzzle does not load below.


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espanol en uso spanish crossword puzzle

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Check Out Our Spanish Courses!

Improve your Spanish with one of our courses.

Check Out Our Spanish Courses!

Improve your Spanish with one of our courses.