How To Make Empanadas | Listening Activity

What Is An Empanada?

Empanadas are a very common appetizer in all Spanish speaking countries and also in the Philippines. Each country has a different way of making them and it also varies by city and personal taste. In general, you make an empanada by folding dough over some kind of stuffing and then you can either fry it or bake it.


Why are we Making Them?

Maria is missing her country, Colombia and also there is a sporting event called La Copa América. It is a soccer(football) event where Latin American countries compete against each other to get the Copa. Today, June 28th, 2019 Colombia will be playing Chile. Maria really likes watching her country play so we are just getting ready for the event. Typically when the national soccer team plays, friends and family get together and share food, like these empanadas.

My Experience at Making Empanadas…

Before this video, my experience level was zero making empanadas. I do have a lot of experience eating them, though.  I have to say making empanadas was not too bad until I had to put the filling in the dough and fold it. I messed up a lot and it took me a while to get the hang of it (which I don’t think I got completely).  After my first attempt at making these empanadas, I must admit my perspective changed. I thought it was easier than that, but it does require you to have some talent and a lot of experience to come up with a decent tasting empanada. Even though the flavor was OK, they needed more salt and the dough just didn’t taste like the ones I remember when I lived in Colombia.

I learned more than just how to make empanadas but also a bunch of verbs as well.  We hope you enjoy the video and that you are able to learn some new verbs as well.

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You can find this and other cool Colombian recipes on this website. They have a version in English and in Spanish.

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Unlock your Spanish voice!

Learn all the Spanish you need for real life.