Miembros De La Familia En Español

Miembros De La Familia Inforgraphic

How well do you know your family members or miembros de la familia in Spanish?  For me, the basic family tree was pretty easy like grandparents, parents, sons, and daughters.  I always started to get confused when the family tree branched out and included all the other miembros de la familia.  I am a visual learner and seeing things really helps them stick into my memory.  So to help me better remember all the names in the family tree I made an infographic.  The infographic will take you through all the common vocabulary you are going to run into when dealing with the miembros de la familia.   There is a link to download the infographic at the bottom of the page.

Miembros De La Familia

Click here to download.

Ready to practice?

Now that you have had a look at the infographic it is time for some practice.  We have two posts that will help test your Spanish family member vocabulary.  The first one is a quiz that Maria prepared that you can download and take. The second post is a video about the topic where Maria works with Cody and tests his knowledge.  You can find both of these posts below.

Miembros De La FamiliaMiembros De La Familia


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Want to watch a video?

You can find more of our beginner videos here with Cody and Maria.   Looking for something a little more advanced then you can check out our Spanish Listening Activities here.

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Unlock your Spanish voice!

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