Intermediate Spanish Listening Activity

Intermediate Spanish Listening Activity


In this intermediate Spanish listening activity, we are going to a festival.  After going through the winter months the warm rays of summer are a welcome sight.  As a result of those warm months comes lots of activities and festivals to go to.  We had recently moved back to Knoxville, TN back in 2018 and decided to check out the Knox Asian Festival.  Originally we had not planned on making a video but once we were there we changed our minds.  There were lots of things to shoot so we took out the camera and recorded as much as we could.  It was packed with people so we did not stay that long as it was getting way too crowded for us.


Video Completely in Spanish.

However, we did manage to stay long enough to record enough footage to make a Spanish listening activity for you guys and gals.  Remember like our other Spanish listening activities this video will be completely in Spanish.  At the beginning of the video, you will find some Spanish vocabulary that will be used throughout the video.  If you are having trouble understanding this video make sure to activate the subtitles in Spanish.  Don’t forget to watch until the end for the questions to check your understanding of this Spanish listening activity.



How did you do?

Did you answer all the questions correctly?

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