How to order a Coffee in Colombia

Ording Coffee In Colombia

Most people start there day with a nice cup of coffee to get their day going.  With Colombia being known for its coffee beans and making a tasty brew we decided to talk about how you would order different types of coffee in Colombia.  In this video, we are going to dive into several different ways to order coffee.  Now, we know people are crazy for their coffee so if we get the English side of things for the coffee wrong please take a breath and relax.  With that let’s take a look at how you would order a coffee in Colombia.

First, let’s start with how to get a coffee in the first place.

Me vende un… – (Vender: To sell)

Deme un… – (Dar: To Give)

However, it is possible you are going to hear this as well when people are ordering.

Me regala un… (Regalar: To give away)

No, you are not going to get it for free.  This is just an expression that is very common and you will hear it a lot in Colombia when people are asking for something or a favor.

Now for the coffee.

coffee and water – un tinto
latte/coffee and milk – café con leche
coffee, water, and milk – perico
iced coffee – café con hielo
coffee slush – granizado
frappuccino – nevado
iced latte – latte hielo
coffee with aguardiente – carajillo

Now let’s look at a few other words around the topic of coffee that you might want to know.

decaffeinated – descafeinado


small – pequeño
medium – mediano
large – grande


whole milk – leche entera
semi-skimmed milk – leche semidescremada
skimmed milk – descremada
almond milk – leche de almendras
soy milk – leche de soya
lactose free milk – leche deslactosada


Brown Sugar – azúcar morena
Sugar – azúcar
unrefined whole Cane Sugar – panela

The last thing we have to go over is if you want your coffee to drink at the coffee shop or to go.

For here – para aquí
to go – para llevar

Now you have everything you need to get a cup of coffee in Colombia.  If you want to practice there are some practice exercises at the end of the video to test your new coffee knowledge.

We hoped you enjoyed the video and that it was a help to you.

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Improve Your Spanish with courses for intermediate and advanced students.