Pitfalls Learning Spanish From Your Spouse

Learning Spanish from Your Spouse

Learning Spanish from your spouse or someone close to is like winning the Spanish learner lottery, especially if that person is a native Spanish speaker.  You will be the envy of all other Spanish learners because you have someone you can always practice your Spanish with.  You have your own personal guide to learning the language.

But is it really easier to learn from that person?

Here are 3 things that can set you back learning Spanish from your spouse or someone close to you.

1. Fast Communication


Speaking fast and getting your ideas and sentences out quickly does not always happen when you are trying to speak Spanish.  Especially when you are at the lower levels.  Struggling to organize your thoughts and then say what you are wanting to say can take time.  Then not having the vocabulary to say exactly what you want to say can take even more time.  Your spouse or person close to you will probably start to get annoyed waiting for you to respond or ask your question.

Most teachers will have a little more patience than someone that knows you and is close to you.  Mainly because they are getting paid and that is part of their job.

So when you are having a conversation with your spouse about your day in Spanish.  It can be really annoying when they are wanting to communicate quickly and move on to something else to have you struggling to respond.

So what happens is you then default back to the language that you both understand well.

This happened to Maria and me a lot when we tried to only speak Spanish when we were in the house.  We would get frustrated because we had things to say and wanted to get them out and move on with our lives.  But to have a simple conversation could take up more of our time than we liked.  So we would give up and move to speaking English.

How can you fix this?

Don’t try to talk about things that are important or things that require a fast response.  Set a time every day that you will speak only in Spanish.  Don’t try to overdo it, 20 – 30 minutes should be more than enough.

You can work your way to doing it longer or speaking Spanish to each other the whole day but start small and build to that.  When you have an exact time this is going to last it helps with patience and it makes the process go better.

2.  Always having your teacher around


Learning Spanish is frustrating or at least it is for me.  When you are learning Spanish from your spouse or someone you know that is always around it can be a blessing and a curse.

Picture this situation you are tired of learning Spanish and don’t feel like it at the moment.  They see an opportunity to teach you something.  So when your attitude of not feeling like it and them wanting to teach clashes, it could spell trouble.

They could get offended that you are not wanting to take their advice because you seem to be upset.  It could make them not want to teach you.  It could leave you feeling guilty for not taking full advantage of the opportunity.

How can you fix this?

If you find yourself getting annoyed at things like this, a quick fix is to set up Spanish time.  You are only going to go over stuff in this timeframe.  For the person that is the teacher, you could write down what you were wanting to tell them and present it during that time.

However, the best thing to do is to change your mindset.  Try not to get frustrated when they see an opportunity to teach you something.  One thing you can do is think of it as a quiz or a bonus study opportunity.  Having the right mindset to learn Spanish is key.

3.  Having Real Expectations


One thing that can lead to a conflict is having too high expectations for your learner.  Maybe they are trying harder at something else and you think “why can’t they try that hard to learn Spanish?”.  It might get you annoyed that they are not applying that same level of dedication to this skill as well.

While you might be right they probably should try to apply that same level of dedication.  The other things they are working on might have all the focus they have in working towards other goals that are important to them.  They could want both but are getting better results from the other.

It is hard to see results when you are learning Spanish.  It’s not like if you were losing weight.  You could look in the mirror or a scale to track your progress.  So because you might not see the progress it can lead to not putting as much effort into it as you would something else.

How can you fix this?

Something you can do to help see progress in your learning is to record yourself.  Maria is always saying listening to yourself is the best way to improve pronunciation.  It can also be a good way to keep a record of where you started and where you are at now.

Another thing you can do is be real with each other.  If this is something you really want let them know by putting the effort in it.  Don’t talk big and then deliver little on the effort.  Also, tell the learner what you are expecting.  That way they don’t get annoyed when you are asking them to practice all the time.

Probably there a ton more things you can do.  I’m by no means an expert on this and Maria and I have not figured it all out.  These are just a few tips from our experience with me learning Spanish from Maria.

Do you have any tips that helped you in learning Spanish from your spouse or someone close to you?  Let us know in the comments down below.

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