Practice Reading in Spanish

Practice Makes Perfect.


Practice Reading in Spanish


Are you ready to read in Spanish? Here you will find some words, sentences, and a paragraph for you to read aloud. This will improve your pronunciation (singing is also a good idea to improve your Spanish)

There are some variations to this activity. We suggest you these two:


Practice Variation #1


1. Read aloud the words on this list after you have watched the video or studied the lesson on reading (or if you already know how to do it).

2.Listen to the words on the audio.

3. Compare the way you read the words or sentences to the audio. Did it sound the same?

4. Read at the same time than the audio until it sounds the same.


Practice Variation # 2


1. Listen to the words on the audio.

2. Read the sentence and imitate the pronunciation

3. Go over all the words or just a group of them.

4. Go back to the first word and without listening to the audio first, read aloud.

5. Play the audio to compare.



Pato (duck); casa (house); niño (boy); malo (bad); camino (road); amigo (friend); familia (family); estudio (study); enfermera (nurse); estudiante (student); biblioteca (library); jardinero (gardener).



Difficult words…

Proyectil (projectile); armadillo (armadillo); sonrojado (blushed); juguetón (playful); aguja (needle); desarrolladores (developers); trastorno (disorder); idiosincrasia (idiosyncracy); otorrinolaringólogo (ENT Specialist).




No hay plazo que no llegue, ni deuda que no se pague. (There is no deadline that does not come or debt that is not paid).

Quien no oye consejo, no llega a viejo. (He who hears no advice will not reach an old age).



En el mundo de los animales vivía una liebre muy orgullosa y vanidosa, que no cesaba de decir a todo el mundo que ella era la más veloz y se burlaba de la lentitud de la tortuga. (In the animal world, lived a very proud and vain hare, who never ceased to tell everyone that she was the fastest one and made fun of how slow the turtle was).


Is this paragraph too fast? Try the next one. It´s slower.



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