Latin American Spanish Quiz

Latin American Spanish

How Well do You Know Latin American Spanish?

Spanish is such a rich language, there is always something new to learn. So there are new things to learn for not only Spanish students but even for a native Spanish speaker like me. For instance, did you know the word banana or banano is actually cambur in Venezuela? I learned this not too long ago, actually by talking to a Venezuelan friend.

This is interesting information that might or might not help you improve your speaking skills but will for sure give you a lot of things to talk about while you practice your speaking skills.

Here you go: Ten questions for you to challenge your knowledge of Latin American Spanish. To find the answer scroll to the bottom of this post and watch the video!


Latin American Spanish

The Questions

  1. Where do people say ¡No manches! to show surprise?
  2. Where do people use the word che?
  3. Name 5 countries where people use “vos”?
  4. Where do they call cambur a banana?
  5. Where do people say “china” to an orange?
  6. In which Latin América countries do people use “sumercé” as a way to say “usted”?
  7. Where do people say “cachái” to ask if someone understand something?
  8. Name some countries where it is best not to say “coger“.
  9. How many words in Spanish are there to say “straw“?

Check your answers in the video below!

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