Romantic Words and Phrases in Spanish

Expressions of love…

In this post, we are going to cover romantic words and phrases in Spanish.  Love moves the world. At least that’s a romantic way of looking at it. It is important though if you are dating a Spanish speaker or just trying to be more than friends with them, to be able to say at least one sentence showing your feelings for the other person. Let’s take a look at some common expressions to show love: Also, if you want to know more about romantic words and phrases in Spanish check out our video about telling how you feel to that special person:


Sentir mariposas en el estómago: In English, to feel butterflies in your stomach. It is a common expression in the Spanish speaking world, and just in case you don’t know what it means, it is the tickling feeling you get usually in your stomach when you see the person you like.

Romantic Words and Phrases in Spanish

Mi media naranja: Literally it means “my half orange”. It is the Spanish way of saying my soul mate. As of the origins of this expression, it happens to be taken out from a Greek myth that tells that in the past, humans used to have a round shape like an orange. They had four legs and four arms, and would move around rolling. Because humans were too vain, Zeus punished them by breaking them in half, and ever since, humans are wandering looking for their “other half” or “half orange”.

Amor a primera vista: It literally means love at first sight, it has the same literal translation as the expression in English. Meaning that when a person sees the other one, they fall in love immediatelly.

Mi príncipe azul: This is the Spanish way of saying “charming prince”  in English or “prince charmant” in French. The prince is blue in Spanish not because he is having some blood flow problem but because royalty is associated with color blue.


Verbs about love:


Besar o dar un beso: Use the verb besar to kiss in questions like ¿Te puedo besar? May I kiss you? or ¿Te puedo dar un beso? or May I give you a kiss?. Sometimes you will also find the form ¿Puedo darte un beso? Which is also May I give you a kiss, in different order.

Abrazar o dar un abrazo: Use the regular verb abrazar, when you want to hug. Say: Puedo abrazarte? to ask can I hug you? and  say Te puedo dar un abrazo, when you say: Can I give you a hug?

Estar enamorado: Literally means to be in love. If you wanna say to be in love with someone, say: estar enamorado de alguien. Remember to conjugate the verb SER to say if it’s you or someone else the one who is in love. Like in estoy enamorado de ella. (I’m in love with her).

“Me gustas” o gustarle a alguien. When you say “me gustas” you are saying: I like you. When you hear: le gustas a alguien, you are hearing: someone likes you.


Expressing love:

Romantic Words and Phrases in Spanish
Te quiero: Common expression top show love not only to your couple, but also to your friends. In Spanish we have two expressions for I love you. Te quiero is supposed to be less strong and it doesn’t have the romantic meaning. If you say te quiero to your couple, it doesn’t mean you love them less. It’s just another expression to show love.

Te quiero mucho: If te quiero is not enough, you can add this adverb mucho to say I love you a lot.

Te amo: The ultimate romantic expression for lovers all around the world. When you have feelings that are stronger than just physical attraction you go for this one and you’ll be good. We bet you already know what it means, but just for giggles, it means: I love you.

Te extraño: When you haven’t seen that special someone in a long time, say te extraño, meaning: I miss you. Typically, this expression is more used in Latin America

Te echo de menos: The same expression as above (I miss you). The difference is that you will most likely hear it in Spain.




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