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Las preposiciones

Make sure to put on your thinking cap because we have a Spanish preposition quiz for you.  When you were in school did you have to learn the proposition song?  “With, on, for, after, at, by, in…”  If you did you probably remember having to sing it over and over to memorize all the prepositions.  There are a lot of them and the same is true for Spanish.  However, for this Spanish preposition quiz, we are only going to focus on a few.   Pay attention and you will see the Spanish prepositions like a select company of other verbs.  Enjoy the video and good luck!


How is your Spanish preposition knowledge?  Did you get them all right?  Was this Spanish preposition quiz easy for you?

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Check Out Our Spanish Courses!

Improve your Spanish with one of our courses.

Check Out Our Spanish Courses!

Improve your Spanish with one of our courses.