Tener: Practice Worksheets with Irregular Verbs

Conjugating Irregular Verbs: tener


Tener is one of the most used irregular verbs in Spanish. This means that its conjugations doesn’t follow a common pattern. Since we use this verb a lot in Spanish, it’s a good idea to practice the present tense conjugations so you can use them quickly.

This worksheet is perfect for a quick homework for students, for review, or simply as a grammar activity that can turn into a conversational activity when answering and asking questions to other people.

Also, if you need help with pronunciation of this verb, check out our video where Maria conjugates irregular verbs in present.

Tener: Practica de verbos irregulares.

Also, to practice, make sure you repeat out loud what you hear and try to imitate the pronunciation. This is the most common pronunciation hear in most Spanish speaking countries for this irregular verb.

In Spanish: El verbo tener es uno de los términos de nuestro idioma con mayor cantidad de referencias. Lo podemos usar en varias situaciones y por eso, es una de las palabras más usadas. La posesión de una cosa o el disfrute de algo se manifiestan a través de la palabra tener.

Algunos sinónimos del verbo, dependiendo del contexto, son: haber, poseer, detentar, atesorar, gozar, beneficiarse, disfrutar, conservar, guardar.


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