Worksheet: Similarities When Talking to People

Similarities: Using También and Tampoco


When you talk to people in Spanish, you will often talk about what you like doing, or what you do in your daily life. It will be necessary to respond to statements like: “Me gusta esta ciudad” (I like this city), or “trabajo en el centro de la ciudad” (I work downtown). They are not questions but sentences and even though you are not being asked a question, it would be just awkward to not say anything after that.

Instead, you can respond with expressions like: “yo también” / “a mí también” (for affirmative sentences), or “yo tampoco” / “a mí tampoco” (for negative sentences). Watch this video.

An explanation of when to use each is in the worksheet along with some sentences for you to practice your responses.

Don’t forget that you use those expressions when you agree with someone else, but this won’t be the case all the time. When you disagree or when your situation is not the same as someone else’s, simply say the opposite sentence or your opinion:

  • They: “no me gusta el café”
  • You: “me encanta el café”

Practice responding to other people’s preferences.

In case you agree with all the sentences in the worksheet and express similarities, here are the answers:

  1. A mí también.
  2. Yo también
  3. Yo también
  4. A mí tampoco
  5. Yo también
  6. A mí tampoco
  7. Yo también
  8. A mí tampoco
  9. Yo también
  10. A mí tampoco
  11. Yo también
  12. A mí tampoco
  13. A mí también
  14. Yo también
  15. Yo tampoco

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Unlock your Spanish voice!

Learn all the Spanish you need for real life.